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Roadside Assistance Phone Numbers for Automotive Manufacturers
Provided as a Community Service by:
J.J.'s Locksmith Service,
Gainesville, Florida
Find here (toll free) phone numbers for Roadside Assistance for autos, trucks and vans listed by brand name (manufacturer). All new vehicles come with some sort of roadside assistance package as part of their new car warranty.
This sometimes includes lockout service and even key replacement, dead battery jumpstart, flat tire replace/repair, towing and other services. However, policies vary from one company to another, check with them for details.

Generally, if the vehicle is less than 3 years old and/or has less than 36,000 miles, it is usually covered.

Restrictions may apply, and some rental and leased vehicles may be excluded, so you'll have to check with the individual company to see what is available through them.
If any of the numbers don't work, try calling the local dealership.
Good luck!

All these numbers use the '800' prefix, so dial '1-800' and the following numbers from any phone.


General Motors:

Ford: (800)241-3673
Lincoln: (800)521-4140
Canada: (800)565-3673

Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep: (800)521-2779

Asian Imports:

Acura:(800) 594-8500
Honda:(866) 864-5211
Hyundai:(800) 243-7766
Kia: (800) 333-4542
Mazda:(800) 866-1998
Mitsubishi:(800) 999-7007
Nissan:(800) 225-2476
Subaru: (800)782-2783
Toyota: (800)444-4195

European Imports:

Alfa Romeo:(800) 245-2532
Audi: (800)433-4247
BMW: (800)831-1117
Jaguar: (800)452-4827
Mercedes: (800)222-0100
Porshe: (800)545-8039
Saab: (800)852-9001
VW: (800)423-3964
Volvo: (800)638-6586

We sincerely hope this information has helped you in some way. Good Luck and Safe Motoring!!

When reputation counts,
you can count on us!

AutoPedia.com has an expanded listing for auto manufacturers '800' numbers. Click the link to go to that page: