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Cell Phone Safety Tips

Cell Phone Safety Tips
J.J.'s Locksmith Service
Gainesville, Florida
(352) 336-6991
Presented By:
J.J. (James) Callari,
Certified Locksmith & Security Specialist
November 20, 2003
Cell phones are the most overlooked personal security device that most people own today!

Just about everyone has a cell phone.
Start using yours as a personal security device with these helpful tips.

First of all, always keep your cell phone on you.
Never leave it in your house, vehicle, briefcase, bookbag, etc.
If you cannot reach it, it cannot help you.

Here are some other useful cell phone safety tips:

1. Whenever in public places, keep your cell phone in your hand and off your ear.
For comfort or stealth you may hold it in your pocket, but either way, keep it handy and ready to use.
If you experience any kind of threat or attack, immediately dial 911.

Even if you cannot speak directly into the phone, the microphone may allow the 911 Emergency Call Center to monitor and record activities .
This way, the police may gain enough useful intelligence about your situation and send some help.
Any direct information from the scene will also help the police to identify and apprehend your assailant.

2. All cell phones are made of tough durable plastic, and can be used as a defensive weapon to hit an attacker.
Aim for an ear, an eye, or the temple, and hit as hard as you can muster, stunning or disabing the assailant, and quickly get inside your car or nearest building.

If your phone is still working, dial 911, if not, find someone who has a working phone.
Don't worry about damage to the phone, it is easy to replace.
Fending off an attacker, protecting yourself and others is much more important.

3.If your phone includes a camera, use it (discretely) to photo a suspicious person or activity.
You can also use it to photo a suspect vehicle, and if possible, it's license plate.
Again, discretion should always be exercised, don't jeapordize yourself any more than necessary.

Save the photos and email them to yourself, a trustworthy friend, co-worker or family member.
Include a short message that speficies your current address or location and the time and nature of the incident.
The camera enabled cell phone (or other wireless personal digital device), will revolutionize personal security if used properly.

We hope these safety tips help keep you safe and out of harm's way.